Cashback websites have become a phenomenon in the United Kingdom in recent months. Cashback websites work by paying you a percentage of your purchase spend when you click through to the retailer directly from the cashback website.

How does it work?

Cashback websites work in just the same way as a general purchase would. However, you make the initial contact with the retailer by directing to them via the cashback website. For example, if you are looking to buy an Xbox One game, direct your initial search to a cashback website of your choice, and search for a retailer in their search box, let’s use Game as an example here, once you have selected Game, a cashback percentage will be indicated before you are directed to the retailer, “5% off all Xbox One games”, great! click ‘shop now’ and you will be automatically directed to the retailer’s website, everything at this point will look just as it would have had you gone directly to the retailer’s website. The cashback website will track your activity on the website and any purchases made will be confirmed and the value of the cashback will be added to your account.

Why do I get paid to shop via cashback websites?

Cashback websites use affiliate links, which allows the retailer to track where the purchase has come from and pay the cashback site a percentage for that lead. Affiliate links are commonly used by YouTube starts when endorsing a product. In a general sense, affiliate links pay companies like cashback websites, comparison sites, and YouTube sensations a percentage of the sale by simply sending leads through to the retailer and increasing web page traffic.

Top cashback websites



Topcashback is free to sign up to and provides thousands of offers from almost every single retailer you can think of. You can link TopCashBack up to your bank account so any funds that you have accumulated can be paid directly into your bank account. You can also swap your cashback for Tesco or Amazon vouchers.

TopCashBack also has an app that will allow you to buy online via your phone and continue to track all purchases, adding your cashback funds into your account which you can view directly from your dashboard on your mobile app.

Apple App Store TopCashBack

Android App Store TopCashBack


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Quidco provide cashback offers from over 4500 retailers. You can set up a free account which will allow you to get your cashback paid to you via direct bank transfer, PayPal or as an Amazon gift card. Quidco claim that if you use their site as a regular form of shopping you can earn an average of £280 per year!

Apple App Store Quico

Android App Store Quidco

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